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Mission & Vision

Why are we doing this and what is our purpose?

Part of aoloa-Group

The slogan for the aoloa-group is:

“Enhanced life”

In order to achieve this we make sure every step we take is in the direction of an improvement for life.

Technical part

Aoloa-Engineering is the engineering branch of the aoloa-Group. Its main focus is technical and especially in delivering data communication solutions.

As aolao-Engineering sees everything in data, we will use data to contribute in improving life as we know it.


For many years we have been supporting renowned companies in their work processes. A high level of know-how and efficient process management are, in addition to a certain level of trust, the alpha and omega. This is what aoloa-Engineering stands for. High customer satisfaction and high quality work distinguishes us.

Individual approach

Each customer is individually looked after by us. Our focus is on his wishes and requirements. The degree of fulfilment of personal expectations is how we measure our success.
Regular personal contact is essential for the quality of our service. For us, the customer is the focus from the first contact to the successful completion of the project.

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