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We believe data is the future, but what is data without the right communication?  That is where aoloa-Engineering steps in and provides the ultimate solution with high level communication in data.

Our four specialized core segments:


In order to continue to guarantee our customers and business partners consistently high quality, we have been committed to the steady and healthy growth of our workforce for many years.

As a result, we are now able to build on stable structures and established quality standards, which we are constantly developing and adapting.


Below a more detailed list of all the services offered by aoloa-Engineering.


Internet contains an incredible amount of data, and is used a lot for transferring data. These aspects can be used to improve so much of not only our everyday products, but also factories, services, marketing etc. Let us help you implementing IoT based solutions in the most efficient and safe way.

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Industry 4.0

Cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things, cloud computing and cognitive computing are all part of industry 4.0 and together they create smart systems. The right communication is the most crucial part to make everything work. We can help you create the most optimal systems which will help you save time, reduce product loss and maintenance.

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Autonomous drive is the current trend in the automotive industry. A lot is based on getting and using data. At aoloa-Engineering we have the experience and knowledge to use different systems to get the data and use it in a fail safe way so autonomous drive will become reality faster.

Data Analysis

You can have all the data you want, but without using it in a proper and efficient way it is not worth a lot. Therefore data analysis is very important! At aoloa-Engineering we know how to work with your data.

Smart City

Smart cities are becoming a trend as they have many advantages. Also here data is crucial, think about smart public transport systems that will give you exact time of arrival or when there is a delay, think about security systems that will detect and prevent dangerous situation or even simple things like trash bins that will give feedback to the user and the maintenance team when the wrong type of garbage is thrown or when it is full.

Solar Energy

Energy is needed for almost everything, unfortunately not all types of energy are efficient and/or sustainable. At aoloa-Engineering we create (our own) systems that will increase the efficiency, decrease maintenance and is sustainable. Currently we have our own solar panel total systems that will show you all data in real time and warns the user/owner if there is a malfunction or blocking of the panels.

Project Management

Some customer want to make us of our knowledge and expertise, it is the possible we collaborate with their project internal or external as project managers or consultant.


We are also active in the aerospace by developing different systems. Examples are radar and GPS systems for drones.

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Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to the billions of physical devices around the world that are now connected to the internet, collecting and sharing data.

This data contains endless info, anything from the weather and traffic situations to the actual status of machinery in a 24/7 production facility.

If this info is used correctly, we can predict many situations which can enhance life in many different ways like: decreasing maintenance, saving time, avoiding accidents and increasing comfort for the users.



The biggest advancement of industry 4.0 is the fact that the automated machinery creates and shares

data, making them autonomous in many levels. As the machines interact data with each other and behave based on that information, there is no need of human intervention anymore.

The data is created and transmitted with different kinds of sensors and Internet of Things. An example would be that

the production or packaging lines can change in speed as sensors give the information on the amount of products entering the line. Another example is that machinery give a signal for unexpected wear and act on it, which could avoid a total breakdown of a production line.